[Vlog] The Cloud is Just Better at Cybersecurity

Vigilant cybersecurity best practice can not be an afterthought to physical security installation. It should instead be the foundation of a complete solution.

Watch John Szczygiel, Brivo’s chief operating officer a 30+ year veteran of the security business, answer some of your most frequently asked questions about the cybersecurity of physical security:

  • Learn more about how to explain and position the cybersecurity benefits of cloud-based access control
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So Alex wants to know why integrator should care about cybersecurity. So that’s a great question. The first thing I’d say to you is that most of you when you go to market in your web site in your literature, I’m sure you represent yourself as an expert in security. Well you can’t be an expert in security and deliver a good physical security system. If you’re a physical security system isn’t cyber secure as well. So you absolutely need to know about cybersecurity because your customers are depending on both the physical side and the cyber side to keep their facilities secure.


The second reason that you should be concerned is because your customers understand that there’s a big risk to them if they have a breach. If their systems are compromised many of them have audit requirements to report how they’re running they’re building how they’re running their systems. And so you need to be able to help them respond to questions from auditors, lawyers, and other kinds of people. And if you’re not really up to date on all the cyber security impact of physical security then you won’t be able to help them answer those questions and your business won’t grow as fast.


 So Diane is asking how much her technicians need to know to be able to install physical security system. Well there’s really two answers to that. If you’re installing an on premise system where you’re putting in computers and software and you’re writing on the customer’s network you probably need to know quite a bit. Typically you’re going to find that there’s a number of ports that need to be open for the system to operate correctly. You’ll have to sit down and have a conversation with some kind of I.T. person or CSO at the customer to explain to them what you’re putting on your network and how those products are protected against infiltration so that they can’t be used to enter the customer’s network.


 So in an on prem installation you probably need to be pretty skilled. The good news is: with a cloud based system, you don’t really need to be as skilled because the work has been done for you. The panels have been hardened against bot detection. They’re cyber secure for encryption and communication back to the hosts. And of course the whole computing infrastructure is now remote. So your customer doesn’t need to worry about how those systems are accessed on their local network because they’re not on the local network. They are completely remote.


So two answers a lot of cybersecurity knowledge is really required if you’re going to install on premise systems and very little in the cloud system particularly if you get support from vendors like Brivo. Jose is asking what will we tell customers who are concerned about adopting our cloud based systems because of cyber security fear. Well the reality is that the cloud based providers whole business is based on establishing a secure system that uses the cloud. So we invest millions of dollars in cyber security which is very different than what a typical customer would invest locally in their access control system.


So, we really can prove to them that a hosted solution a cloud based solution is much more secure. Out of the box than an on premise solution really ever can be because it’s just not economically feasible for a customer to spend ten thousand fifty thousand one hundred thousand dollars on all of the cyber security protections that we provide in the cloud. So by design and organically the cloud is just simply more secure. For more information and resources about building your access control business check out our website at www.Brivo.com.


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