Brivo Onair With Video vs. The Old Way


A lighthearted comparison of the old way of handling security surveillance and the simplicity the Brivo cloud-based platform delivers.


Want to get a promotion and special perks. Want to be your company’s hero and quickly solve problems?

Then just get Brivo Onair access control with the added security of Online Video Recording! At least, that’s what happens in this humorous video comparing the old way of handling security with the Simply Better Security that Brivo’s cloud-based platform delivers.

The old way: When an employee complains that someone has stolen her blender out of the office kitchen, poor Richard promises to get to the bottom of the caper – in “two or three weeks, tops.”

The hold-up? Richard’s security system records EVERYthing. So Richard has to go through EVERYthing, and watch all that footage. It’s not a happy thing.

The better, Brivo way: Mike’s boss can’t take advantage of a beautiful day by riding his bike home because it was stolen from the parking garage sometime in the last week. He is NOT happy.

Fortunately, Mike is an administrator for his company’s Brivo Onair cloud-based security system, with access control and Online Video Recording.

The videos are stored in the cloud, and the intuitive, Brivo interface offers instant, easy access to both the access control records and the digital video recordings. Finding the bad guy is a snap!

And that’s not all: If Mike hasn’t been in the office, he could still have accessed and viewed events from a web browser on any computer – or even from his smartphone or other mobile device. Or he could have easily enabled authorized members of his team to download and email video clips from the video management console.

That’s the power of Brivo Onair and Online Video Recording! Whether you have a small business with just a couple of doors and cameras or a large enterprise with your own dedicated security team, Brivo access control and video management is here to help.


  • There are plenty of risks to starting and operating a small business—learn why physical security doesn’t have to be one

  • Discover how migrating to a cloud-based access control system or, better yet, a complete security platform can increase

  • See for yourself how easy it is to manage your access control system at all your facilities from anywhere and at anytime


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