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Techspace adopts cloud access control to save 50% on traditional key system costs


 We are a tech business so we needed a technology-forward solution for our member onboarding and overall security to match our company mission.

Stephanie Brisson
General Manager- Berlin


As Techspace plans to double their co-working operations in the next 18 months, they needed an efficient and secure access control platform to support their European-wide needs at scale and allow them to personalize consumer experiences.

2000+ members throughout Europe needed 24/7 access

Physical key management would take up too much time, resources, and budget

Needed one access control system for all international locations


Simply Better Security With Brivo Onair

 Achieve minimal admin overhead at scale and remotely manage multiple locations

 Provide 24/7 access to customers with the option for multi-factor authentication after hours (using an access card and entering a pin code) 

 Use the API to automate creating access cards

 Leverage detailed reporting and security logs to know who is coming and going at all times


  Our daily business is getting our members the access they need. We would not be able to deliver this experience seamlessly without Brivo. Instead of needing a full move-in day, they only need a move-in hour to get everything settled 

 Stephanie Brisson

50% savings on traditional key system costs by eliminating re-keying costs and reducing the hours for on-site security guards

Brivo API helps create a seamless member onboarding experience where Techspace can quickly activate and deactivate access cards

Brivo Onair cloud access control delivers the scalability Techspace needs to quickly add new locations

Ease of implementation means that Techspace can have a new space up and running (hardware and software) within 1-3 weeks

Brivo Onair is easy to learn and reliable to use as Techspace administrators need to make changes to member access privileges

 Brivo also provides excellent customer service and support to make sure the platform is always working properly

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