Customer Stories

National tire distributor rolls to cloud to reap a $1.8M return on investment.


  If you can control access to the building, you can manage it. If you can manage it centrally, you have more control, and that was the point of the cloud-based system. I have control, visibility and a log to do event reporting.   

David, Security Manager
Tire Distributor


After losing almost $2 million in tire inventory,
the distributor needed a solution to quickly stop the thieves in their tracks.

The company had no controls or central management of their
multi-site physical security

They used the simple, yet not secure, lock-and-key method to safeguard hundreds of locations

They had no security manager and no control over who had keys to the different facilities


Simply Better Security With Brivo Onair

 The new security manager chose Brivo Onair® due to its ease of use and reasonable cost

 Brivo Onair lets him manage security from anywhere, at any time, on any device

 It allows him to manage mobile credentials for all distribution centers via one interface

 He can unlock doors remotely, schedule access, create groups and customize security reports


  We’ve been able to cut our losses, which is huge. I love the ease of operation, the setup is nice, and there’s a lot of integration possibilities which provides a really flexible platform.  


 The company had reduced theft, saving around $1.8M in one year

 Managers can create groups and special schedules for different people

 While David manages the overall system, the location managers also have control of their locations

 Center managers can run event reports to ensure whereabouts of employees

 The system provides the ability to manage everything for all buildings from one interface

 The system incorporates strict cyber security measures and can scale up or down whenever that is needed

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