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IT company protects its hundreds of employees and multiple sites during relocation.


  The system is very easy to learn. I know there is a help function, but even with just the initial training, I’ve probably needed the help function only two or three times. 

Dan Aide
Facilities Manager
3H Technology


3H Technology (3H) was growing and purchased a new building in Virginia. They needed an access control system that would work across both locations until the move was complete.

The lock and key system at the old location wasn’t secure and didn’t allow for tracking access

It required a guard to physically lock the doors after hours to prevent unauthorized visitors

With two buildings to manage and relocation activities, there was an increased security risk


Simply Better Security with Brivo Onair

 3H selected Brivo Onair®, the web-hosted access control solution, for its multi-site capabilities

The system leverages the power and versatility of redundant, 24/7 data centers

 Brivo Onair provides total access control from one interface and real-time visibility of events

 It works with wireless wide-area networking, wired Ethernet connectivity or Wi-Fi

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  I regularly check the system from home. Once, I saw that someone, a contractor, was in the building who shouldn’t be there.  

Dan Aide

Security personnel were able to easily manage both the old and new locations during the relocation

 The power and versatility of redundant, 24/7 data centers provided total control

 Access was controlled for over 250 employees, sublease tenants, vendors, clients and cleaning crew

 3H set up their system to provide specific access to doors and areas at specific times to different groups

 The team was able to use Brivo Onair productively right out of the box

The team has been pleased with the system’s excellent performance, flexibility and integration potential


We put safety within reach for everyone by offering two packages—one with a lower upfront cost and one with a lower monthly cost.