Customer Stories

RADCO makes a radical change to improve security and increase satisfaction.


   I wanted one number to call when I need help. The data is not on site, it’s safer with Brivo, and I’ve got the flexibility and ease of use I need to manage the system or delegate it to someone else. I have experience with three or four different systems. Brivo is the easiest interface I’ve seen.  

James Elliott
RADCO West Coast Director
Condominium Operations


The Met hired RADCO to manage the operations of the largest condominium community in California’s San Fernando Valley, with 17 buildings and 65 to 125 units per building.

The biggest concern owners expressed was the outdated security and the lack of effective access control

The community room, tennis courts, pools and fitness center were a prime target for unauthorized visitors

Re-keying was a nightmare since each building was keyed individually and there were thousands of doors


Simply Better Security With Brivo Onair

 Brivo Onair® provided RADCO with a security platform that could scale on demand

 RADCO and the HOA members were impressed with the system’s ease of use and data access 

 Multiple administrators can manage data and access privileges through one interface

 The system manages all entrances to the property and amenities, main doors and elevators


  Imagine this size of property and the number of buildings—that’s a lot of keys. We had hundreds upon hundreds of keys. Now, it is so much easier to manage access.  

The Met Facilities Manager

 The access control and visitor management systems oversee 2,300 user records—with ability to expand

 The system is a one-stop shop for creating badges and for immediate control and reporting of all events

Residents have access to the property and amenities, but only to their own residential building

 Separate access control groups were created for RADCO staff, service providers, guards and amenities

 RADCO doesn’t need one IT expert on a dedicated computer for the system—they can quickly train staff

 The alert feature can be used to inform residents of a power failure, lockdown or unauthorized entry

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