Customer Stories

Illinois church replaced “keys to the kingdom” for remote access and substantial savings.


  One of the best benefits has been the ability to know who’s coming and going and at what times, from just about anywhere. The Brivo system has been working very well and has an extremely easy-to-use interface. 

Brian Barrett
Operations Manager
Bethel United Church of Christ


Bethel United Church of Christ in Elmhurst, Illinois, used a not-very-secure lock-and-key system, which gave keyholders access to all of its facilities at any time.

The church, offices, meeting rooms and a preschool were used at different hours

If someone needed a door unlocked or locked, a keyholder had to be onsite to do so

All areas were accessible by key and it became difficult to keep track of who had the keys


Simply Better Security with Brivo Onair

 Barrett chose Brivo Onair® for its ease of access control and cost-effectiveness

The web-hosted platform allowed control of doors from anywhere, from any device

 With lower upfront costs, the total cost was reduced nearly 50% over traditional systems

 There was no need to maintain expensive IT infrastructure, resources and administration

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  No more trips to the church to unlock a door for a meeting—just a couple of clicks on my home computer does it.  

Brian Barrett

The entire system was easily installed and up and running with minimal training

 With just one interface, managing access and security is easy

 Barrett can monitor all door events without the cost of a wide area network

 Staff can manage access to different areas without anyone needing to be onsite

 Sanctuary doors were put on an automated schedule to eliminate manual opening

Staff and meeting leaders were assigned cards and PIN numbers to access doors


We put safety within reach for everyone by offering two packages—one with a lower upfront cost and one with a lower monthly cost.