Customer Stories

Staff and parents of private school gain peace of mind and added security.


   The parents are very pleased with Brivo Onair—it has given them peace of mind. I can access the system from my home computer on snow days. We really do like that. 

Beckii Pittman
Appletree School


Appletree School is located near a Washington, DC, Metro station, making it convenient for parents and staff but also posing security risks.

Appletree used the lock-and-key system and staff monitored the front door but had other duties

The school was in the path of going to and from the Metro, increasing the risk of unauthorized visitors

The school had limited financial and technical resources for an access control solution


Simply Better Security With Brivo Onair

  The Brivo Onair® remote, “always on” system access provides peace of mind

 Staff have remote administration of the entire system from any browser at any time

 Brivo manages all IT maintenance, eliminating the need for expensive IT resources

 Total cost of ownership is 50% less than a traditional server-based access control system

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Brivo Onair was installed and parents and staff were assigned PIN codes. Administrators can monitor activity and manage access from anywhere, anytime.  

 The Brivo Onair access control system provides security and valuable peace of mind

  The system can be managed remotely to prevent doors from unlocking when school is cancelled

School administrators can manage door access easily and through one interface

 Teacher and staff productivity has increased by allowing school access before and after hours

 Brivo manages IT maintenance, eliminating the need for expensive IT resources and expertise

 Lower upfront system and installation costs mean more funds available for student resources


We put safety within reach for everyone by offering two packages—one with a lower upfront cost and one with a lower monthly cost.