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More than 300 locations, one access control system and zero IT hassles for Cumulus Media.


  We saved money on deployment costs and the wireless option was a bonus. It’s great, it’s everything we were looking for in a system. No glitches, no headaches, pretty seamless. The web-based interface is extremely easy to operate. 

Phil Carabillo
Director of Real Estate
Cumulus Media


The second largest radio broadcaster in the nation needed one security system across locations and different access for the 24/7 operations staff and the administrative staff.

The more than 300 station locations had different access control systems and different access needs

There wasn’t one existing network—or the resources to network all the facilities under one account

The training of all the local and regional administrators and the cost of IT resources was a major concern


Simply Better Security with Brivo Onair

 Brivo Onair® allows for simple multi-site access control across geographically dispersed facilities

Brivo Onair is the most cost-effective option, and flexible enough to scale one facility at a time

 Having one centralized system with remote access increases efficiency and ease-of-use

 The expense of IT resources to network infrastructure for facilities is eliminated


  Web access was key. I can travel around the country with one card and go in and program cards and administer other locations from anywhere on the web — that was tremendous.  

Phil Carabillo

 Provides centralized administration and greater management visibility across locations

 Automatically aggregates all user data and management control into one interface with remote access

 Handles different types of entry points and differing schedules

 Enables users to carry one card for all of the facilities, and to make global changes to access privileges

 Eliminated the costly task of building a wide-area network to link all their databases together

Total cost of ownership is up to 50% less than traditional non-networked systems

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