Customer Stories

Ontario’s Medical Center increases security and frees up time to better serve clients.


 We had a chaotic lock and key system. So much time and effort used to be dedicated to something so unnecessary and unproductive. I am just glad that it has been completely removed from the equation now.

Dr. Luke Boudreau
Director of Operations
Chancellors Way Medical Arts Centre


With a lot of people, assets and areas to control in different ways, Chancellors Way Medical Arts Centre (CWMAC) needed automated access to keep everyone and everything safe.

Time was being wasted on ensuring the facility was safe and secure instead of on patient programs

The old brass key system was a nightmare and the operations team was not able to be efficient

Someone had to manually open and close doors and confirm if a propped open door had been locked


Simply Better Security With Brivo Onair

 CWMAC chose Brivo Onair® because of the security and convenience the system offers

 The system addresses a long list of needs for a multi-site facility 

 Staff can have access to authorized areas at relevant times but restricted areas are secured

 The system allows for separate access schedules for  staff, cleaning crews or patients


  The old system was taking time from us … rekeying, making sure doors were locked, making sure doors that were propped open were closed. Now, I have the peace of mind that my facility is secure.  

 Dr. Boudreau

 Staff caught up on patient programs that had been put on hold for months

 Patients and visitors can no longer access administrative or doctors’ offices

Restricted areas and specialized equipment can be accessed only by authorized doctors, nurses and staff

 Specified spaces are freely accessible by day, while certain clinics can operate safely 24/7

 After a clinic is closed, staff can keep the cafe and other spaces open for events and classes

 With the ability to host community offerings, popularity for the CWMAC programs is growing

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