Customer Stories

A school for children with developmental disabilities increases security.


   We were dramatically affected by the Columbine tragedy. We tightened up security with badges and mandatory check-in, among other measures. After a shooting at a school 30 minutes away, we were really impacted by our potential vulnerability. We had to do more.  

Annie Green
Deputy Director Laradon


Laradon offers 12 different programs to more than 600 children and adults and needed full-proof security for its eight-acre campus in Denver.

Established in the 1940s, Laradon had a lock-and-key system for access control and constraints of older buildings

Laradon also had several gates for van access that would need to be managed from the same interface to save time

A security system was needed that wouldn’t require a lot of extra expense and hassle for deploying and managing


Simply Better Security With Brivo Onair

 Brivo Onair® provides remote, “always on” system access to ensure full-time security

 Multiple administrators can easily manage any number of records from one interface

 On-demand scalability allows Laradon to add an unlimited number of access points instantly

 Costs were reduced by minimizing needed security personnel while increasing security


  Right away we noticed Brivo was easy to operate and it gave us high-level control. We could give certain people access to certain parts of the campus at specific times.  

 —Annie Green

 Brivo Onair provides full system visibility across the campus and valuable peace of mind

 Laradon no longer relies on janitorial staff to manually lock and unlock doors and gates

Doors in 15 buildings and three gates are all managed from one interface

 Multiple administrators can manage any number of records and credentials through one interface

 The system monitors all arrivals and departures and can be used as a backup timekeeping system

 Staff can manage the system remotely, which is critical given all the Colorado snow days

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