Customer Stories

Nonprofit healthcare provider gets enhanced data and facility security for its locations.


  The Brivo system makes my job easier and frees me up for other things. With Brivo, it’s easy to find out what we need; the system doesn’t lie. It’s very easy to manage and we can focus our time on providing quality care to our patients. 

Larry Kadin
Facilities and Purchasing Manager
Adelante Healthcare


Adelante Healthcare currently operates seven healthcare centers in Phoenix, Arizona, and offers a wide array of service to patients of all socio-economic levels.

The lock and key system wasn’t at all adequate for securing the seven different facilities

The facilities and all the patient and healthcare data needed to be protected in a highly secure manner

With so many employees, there was no way to track who had keys and how many copies were out there


Simply Better Security with Brivo Onair

 Having one centralized system for all locations with remote access was a major selling point

Multiple administrators can easily manage thousands of records from one interface

 Since the Brivo system is scalable on demand, more locations and doors can be added as needed

 Easy set up ensures fast, efficient roll-out as new facilities come online


  I’ve not seen anything that comes close to what Brivo provides. The Brivo system is a joy to work with. It saves us so much time compared to other systems we were looking at.  

Larry Kadin

 Adelante has issued access cards to over 200 staff and the cleaning crews at their seven facilities

 Without lots of keys floating around, the healthcare provider no longer has security breaches

 One person is administering multiple sites from a single web interface

 Access can be programmed easily and quickly—it’s done remotely and in a manner of just minutes

 The team has better records and easy access to data that can be provided to other departments

The new system has had significant positive effects on staff productivity and effectiveness

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