Customer Stories

The health department in Ohio needed ironclad security in the event of a public emergency.


   Brivo is integral to securing our records. This solution is ironclad. Upon evaluation of the Brivo system, the state gave us quick approval because we could demonstrate fulfillment of the mandate to increase records’ security. 

Charles Hammer
Athens City and County Health Department (ACCHD)


The ACCHD had a standard lock-and-key system and staff were painfully aware that if anyone stole a key or made a copy, he or she could get into the building at any time.

The security system was substandard for safeguarding its confidential health records

While staff was well-trained and communications improved, they still had a pressing security need

It was an unnecessary vulnerability, but ACCHD needed federal grants to upgrade


Simply Better Security with Brivo Onair

 Brivo Onair offered the ironclad security needed for this first-response command center

Brivo system performance and security met the state requirements for critical record storage

 In an emergency, the system could provide an audit trail for all command center personnel

 The “always on” system, ease of use and full visibility provides valuable peace of mind


  The control with the Brivo system is superb. This was a very satisfying, dramatic leap in our use of technology. I find the system very user-friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend it.  

Charles Hammer

 The off-site, anytime control allows granting access from anywhere, on any device

 Multiple administrators can easily manage any number of records and control access

 Each group of the users has different access privileges for different days, times and locations

 An audit can show who was at the center, when they arrived, and how long they were present

 Reports can detail staff on-site time and attendance, so employees can have flexible work schedules

The on-demand scalability means they can add additional access points and users as needed

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