Customer Stories

Fitness center company simplifies multi-site operations.


   We manage seven gyms and had to access servers remotely via VPN in seven different systems. I had to open and close multiple applications on my computer multiple times a day. It was confusing to figure out which one was for which gym.  

Operations Supervisor
New York City Fitness Club Operator


The operations team needed to provide multi-site security, uninterrupted access to gym facilities and superior customer service to maintain and grow memberships.

Accessing multiple unreliable servers in seven different buildings was unproductive

Doors could not be opened remotely when members forgot their IDs,  leading to unhappy customers

There was no video monitoring to confirm member identities or to check facility maintenance


Brivo Onair With Video Integration

 The operations supervisor chose Brivo Onair® with Eagle Eye Networks video integration

 Brivo Onair allows for managing access control from anywhere, at any time, on any device 

 Video surveillance allows member identities to be confirmed remotely and immediately

 Integrated video also provides continuous quality checks of the multiple facilities


  Brivo Onair with the Eagle Eye Networks video management system allows for true multi-site capabilities without running multiple servers and setting up VPNs to call into them individually.  

 Operations Supervisor

 Without multiple servers to access and maintain, operational efficiency and productivity was increased

 Doors can be opened remotely and immediately for members who forget their fobs or credentials

With the video integration, it’s easy to confirm that only actual members are using the facility

 Quick corrective action can be taken for maintaining clean gyms and fully functional equipment

 The operations team can be more proactive in enforcing gym rules and more responsive to requests

 Member complaints have decreased substantially and gym memberships have increased

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