Customer Stories

Cloud security allows for a scalable system and increased safety for a college.


   From past experience, we knew that great technical support, customer service and quick turnaround time is important. We’re completely satisfied with Brivo, as it can scale to whatever and wherever we need. The learning curve was short and sweet.  

Ed Long
Physical Plant Director
Central Community College


Central Community College in Nebraska has multiple campuses and educational centers to serve approximately 90 different communities.

CCC’s outdated lock-and-key system and access control technology wasn’t meeting their security needs

On one campus alone there are 26 buildings with access control needs for students, staff and vendors

The security team had to provide targeted, scheduled access control for about 15 different user groups


Simply Better Security With Brivo Onair

 Brivo Onair® allows CCC to as many additional buildings, doors, groups and users as needed

 Multiple administrators can easily manage thousands of records from one interface

 Brivo’s granular level of system control gives students and staff critical peace of mind

 The remote, “always on” system access ensures building lock-down capabilities


  Another big selling point for us is the one button lock-down feature. Our emergency plan and our ability to lock down the campus is something that comes up quite often.  

 Ed Long

 The Brivo Onair system allows CCC to continue to scale their access control across facilities

 The system allows for creating and managing hundreds of groups with different access privileges

Dorms are locked 24/7 with controlled access to provide a high level of security for students

 An extra measure of security is provided with limited-access holiday scheduling

 The team can provide controlled access for vendors to come and go from different buildings

 The system provides the confidence that CCC has an effective emergency plan in place

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