Customer Stories

An airport lands on a platform to tighten security at hangars and around 180 acres.


   Brivo’s notification rules were helpful for the airport by having the system page or email the administrator whenever someone entered or exited the location.  

Tom Fujiwara
Redlands Municipal Airport Manager


A rash of avionics thefts prompted city officials, led by the assistant public works director and airport manager, to seek an affordable method to more effectively secure the expansive facility.

A non-networked card access system provided no data for investigative efforts surrounding the thefts

The Redlands Public Works and Police Departments had to manage and monitor the system from six miles away

The airport was situated on an old rock quarry—making any additional trenching out of the question for its staff


Simply Better Security with Brivo Onair

 Brivo wireless control panels meant no trenching was needed, saving over $10,000

 Installation for the upgrade took just four weeks, with no disruption to operations

 The web-based interface gave the staff and the police 24/7 remote security control

 The system immediately registers all activities and provides a digital audit trail

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  If a location is experiencing theft in a specific area like the Redlands airport was, the access administrator could examine the logs and through a process of elimination determine the identity of the culprit.  

 Ron Lander
President, Ultra-Safe Security

 Effective remote administration of the entire system improved event management and responsiveness

 There have been no equipment thefts at the airport since the Brivo Onair system was installed

Redland’s public works and police departments saved $10,000 by utilizing the existing infrastructure

 The web-based interface gives a digital audit trail and instant email notifications of all gate and user events

 The system gives them tighter control over the airport’s fenced-in 180 acres and its multiple hangars

 Their eyes and ears are never more than a few seconds away from the activity at any gate


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