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I feel very fortunate to lead a company that makes the world a safer place. Every day this mission becomes more important as our world becomes more complex and more divided, and the nature of threats evolves faster than most observers can follow.


I’m also thankful that our team at Brivo takes this mission so seriously and loves making it happen. Our vision is to combine the best service we can deliver with the best technology we can create. We are now in our second decade and provide daily protection for over 30,000 commercial customers and over 10 million active users.


We are a SaaS or Software as a Service company, but in the end, our people are what make the difference. I agree with whoever observed that the keyword in SaaS is service. Our customers remind us of this fact every day with their many thanks for how our sales, technical support and customer service folks go the extra mile for them and their clients.

In an era where cloud computing and IoT are often presented as “the new thing,” Brivo stands apart as the first physical security company to leverage these transformational technologies. We launched our cloud-based security platform and products in 2002, and we’ve been an IoT company ever since.


There is a saying in the security world that all security is now cybersecurity. That’s because every electronic device and software system used for physical security must first meet the challenges of cyber attacks. Here, too, we started early—with more than 10 years of independent cybersecurity audits to back us up.


A word of thanks to our partners—the forward-thinking security integrators who have “brought the cloud to the customer.” They were the first to master the ability to install connected security devices on customer networks inside their own buildings. We couldn’t have done it without them, and we appreciate their vision of finding a better way to deliver security to our mutual customers.

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