Security Professionals Reveal Their Top Technology Stack Needs (Part 1)

The dominant topic of recent conversation in the security industry is security innovation. The emphasis on physical security technology begs the question: How can physical security technology improve? Moreover, how can organizations better control their own security outcomes and improve user experience through new security technology? At Brivo, we are continuously striving to stay one step ahead and secure organizations against the unknown.

For this blog series, we will outline the 4 key aspects of security innovation that professionals have shared with us:

1 – Physical security tech needs to be more integrated

The security professionals we have spoken often cited integration as a fundamental challenge. The number of physical security products and solutions in the market don’t always integrate well and this results in blind spots, vulnerabilities, and poor customer experiences for tenants and visitors. Organizations are struggling to manage solutions in separate software and need a way to simplify a manageable stack without jeopardizing security and user convenience.

At Brivo, we have enabled our access control solution to seamlessly integrate with other physical security tools like alarms, identity management, and video, through our open API. We have also built some new capabilities like our Brivo Visitor solution that seamlessly combines access control and visitor management/registration.

Automated visitor management systems offer a more innovative way to track people entering and leaving a building. Using Brivo visitor, you can improve your front desk experience by automating the sign-in experience for guests and receiving fast notifications when guests or deliveries arrive. All this information is stored in one central place.

The built-in integration to your Brivo platform will allow you to:

  • Improve check-in and visitor experiences
  • Integrate with Onair to retrieve host names and email addresses so a host is promptly notified when their visitor has arrived
  • Capture a visitor’s image as the person checks in
  • Make use of scalability and multi-site capabilities
  • Use unmanned visitor check-in kiosks to simplify screening
  • Generate visitor reports quickly and easily

Why should you have an integrated visitor management and access control system?

Secure your organization with a unified access control and visitor management system that streamlines employee access, visitor registration and reporting.

Managing visitors is an essential access control activity. It traditionally handled through paper logs or guest books that visitors sign-in to at the front desk. Brivo Visitor allows you to innovate your physical security approach: go paperless and improve privacy/security, and become more efficient.

Your staff can now manage visitors alongside other security activities through the integrated Brivo interface.

Here is how Brivo Visitor works

  1. Grab an iPad running iOS 12.0 or later and download the Brivo Visitor app
  2. Manage configuration in your Brivo Onair account
  3. Use the Configuration menu to personalize the entire Brivo Visitor experience
  • Tap the Brivo logo in the bottom right corner
  • Enter device passcode or use Touch ID/Face ID
  • Sit back and enjoy the peace of mind of having one less system and vendor to manage

Brivo Visitor Key Benefits:

  • Security: Keep track of who enters the building quickly and accurately in one place
  • Efficiency: Use an integrated visitor management to help the front desk of an office or building run efficiently- keeping lines and wait times to a minimum
  • Customer Satisfaction: Improved efficiency while you improve customer satisfaction for all guests and clients coming to your business
  • Save money: Brivo visitor solution is significantly less expensive than leading visitor management systems.

The customer satisfaction benefit brings up the next key area security professionals cited as a fundamental change in physical security technology innovation. Besides Brivo Visitor, how can we innovate more for mobile convenience? Stay tuned to read about it in next week’s blog.

All Brivo customers are eligible for a free Brivo Visitor trial, download now to start your FREE TRIAL. If you’d like to learn more about how Brivo Visitor can help your company, please request a call today.

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