TECHSPACE: The story of a tech business using tech to protect their business.

The General Manager at Techspace Berlin, Stephanie Brisson, knows the task ahead is a big one. The company is growing. Their co-working spaces that already span London and Berlin are expected to double in the next 18 months. 

Techspace continues to work toward their mission: to build a global tech platform of workspaces where scale-ups can shape a better future, together, with the addition of each new co-working location. 

“The focus is how can we scale our operations, our services, across both cities [and] into new markets.” – Stephanie Brisson, General Manager- Berlin, Techspace    

Growing Access Control Needs


New locations mean more spaces to secure, but also more spaces for their 2,000+ members to easily access around the clock. Therefore, the physical security solution Stephanie and her team choose needs to be customer-centric, support Techspace company values, and it needs to be expandable since the number of locations will continue to grow.  

Techspace’s need for a scalable access control system is matched by their need for a solution that eliminates rekeying costs, and makes multi-site management easy and tech-forward.

Scalable Multi-Site Management Solutions


Stephanie explains that physical key management is out of the question for Techspace. They won’t waste the time, resources, or budget to manage metal keys. They need a solution that works in facilities across countries, can be tailored to their needs, and is easy for Techspace and their members to use.

Techspace went with Brivo after evaluating their options. Now, Stephanie says, “without Brivo my life would not be as easy from an operational point of view.” As for Techspace in general, she explains, “we wouldn’t be as competitive without Brivo.” 

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