Ollivier Corporation Achieved Sustainable Growth With Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR)

How did Ollivier Corporation make their security business relevant and ensure it stayed that way?

They kept it moving. 

Security integrators are looking to achieve sustainable growth. A consistent, loyal customer base is key to sustainability, but the days of traditional customer loyalty are no longer the same and the roles have now evolved. Security integrators must constantly adapt their products, services and strategy in order to compete and remain relevant to their customers.

If your security business hasn’t established a system that produces cash on a steady, repeatable and sustainable basis, it’s time to do so. The good news is that there are subscription services in the physical security industry now. When these subscriptions are added to your portfolio they generate steady cash flow also known as recurring monthly revenue.

That was the case for Ollivier Corporation. In 2015, the company had no recurring revenue, service contracts or managed services customers.

“I knew that I had to build a recurring revenue base in order to stabilize the company, make the company less susceptible to an economic downturn and make revenue less volatile.” -Louis Boulgarides, President and CEO of Ollivier 

Read how Ollivier adopted Brivo’s cloud-based access control solution to grow their revenue from $4.5M to $8.2M in two years.

You can create customer loyalty and recurring monthly revenue for yourself at the same time. If you provide an access control solution that is simple, easy, useful and cost-effective, your customers will trust you and rely on you to add value to their business. They will also be more likely to purchase future products from you. If you want to talk about how to become a Brivo dealer, request a call today.